World Children's Day Festival on 22/9/2019 - The SARIAS Foundation got involved!

On 22/9/2019, the party to celebrate German World Children’s Day was held at Potsdamer Platz in glorious summer weather. The annual event is organised by the German Child Welfare Organisation. This year, the great many visitors of all sizes were once again met with a vast array of demonstrations, games, arts and crafts, competitions and much more...

Our foundation contributed to the party with a special offering for all lovers of fairytales. Over in our tent, the storyteller Britta Behrens told and performed the Ethiopian fairytale, “The jackal and the goat’s little calf”. Each hour a number of children were able to enthusiastically share in the thrills of the entertaining story, as they learned how the African animals resolve their argument about the calf, who tells the truth and who doesn’t!

Fairy tales from all over the world

Fairy tales: All cultures have legions of them. They are an immeasurable treasure not only for children for listening, reading, narrating, reenacting, laughing, cheering... We need a variety of fairy tales from all corners and ends of our earth for coexistence with cultural diversity!

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