Staatsoper smalA great hobby for children and teenagers who love to sing! In addition to talent, motivation, diligence and, last but not least, discipline are also required.

Under its director Vinzenz Weissenburger, the children meet twice a week for rehearsals and receive a sound musical education. They regularly perform on the stage of the State Opera House, without them, many operas and musical plays could not be performed at all.

The choir also gives its own concerts, takes part in competitions, and even goes on concert tours. And it has won several prizes at choir competitions in recent years!

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Fairy tales for reading, reading aloud, narrating...

Fairy tales are stories that inspire courage and convey values. They offer possible solutions for conflict situations and children identify themselves with the fairy tale heroes.

The goal of the SARIAS foundation is to let you discover fairy tales from many cultures in Germany.

For our first project, we selected an Ethiopian and an Indian fairy tale and translated them into German. Fairy tale books need pictures, an illustrator is currently designing these for us. Once the books are printed, all interested children can get to know the story, hear it told, see it performed, and: get the fairy tale book as a gift! You can find out when and where here.

Fairy tales - Narrative project in primary schools

Fairy tales are an essential building block in child development. They are especially important in intercultural education: intuitively, children feel the commonalities and the connectivity of the fairy tales more strongly than the differences and perhaps foreignness. And all children can feel represented by a fairy tale from their homeland!

Fairy tales help children from different cultures to get to know each other and to see how many things we all have in common! When fairy tales are told or acted out, they are easy even for children with (as yet) little knowledge of German to understand. Fairy tales from all over the world are to become an integral part of language classes in primary schools, and that is what we want to apply ourselves to. We design projects in this area, cooperate with schools, and provide financial support.

The National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Turkey in Berlin

The National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Turkey, with the support of its main sponsor, the Sabanci Foundation (, gave a concert in Berlin on 24 July 2019 which was met with great applause.

The concert took place as part of the Young Euro Classic festival in the Konzerthaus Berlin. Under the direction of its conductor Cem Mansur, the orchestra performed pieces by Carl Maria v. Weber, Sergei Rachmaninow, Füsun Köksal and Ludwig van Beethoven with great enthusiasm.

The SARIAS Foundation also supported this successful youth orchestra's Berlin concert and is delighted to have contributed to its success.